Wholesale Fresh Produce in Downtown Los Angeles

From the heart of downtown Los Angeles, from artichokes to zucchini, QSI sources the produce you need from the finest growers. If it is in season and available, we will find it for you!

Inventory as Diverse as Los Angeles

We’ve got you covered:

What we can do for your business

Our relationships, our facility, and our location allow us to solve your problems.

Over the past 25 years, QSI has continuously adapted and adjusted to the market.


What you see is what you receive. A single source that provides the markets best.

Our job is to help you increase sales, reduce shrinkage and labor costs, and yield higher margins by delivering product that exceeds expectations. We will work with our network of growers and suppliers to ensure the produce described is the produce you receive.


What you need, when you need it. Customizable services that provide timely delivery and easy low-stress business relationships.

From sales to warehouse and logistics, we are customer and vendor focused. QSI is non-competitive, we let our produce and our performance speak for itself. We create business partners and opportunities, not customers.


Trusted, actionable information and insights.

Market updates gathered from a variety of industry professionals.

Our knowledgeable and experienced produce professionals network on a daily basis to have the information you need to create profitable opportunities.

Produce Blue Book

Blue Book Trading Member

Produce Blue Book member #158115. Trading member since 2005.


USDA PACA Licensed

USDA PACA License #19971036

CDFA accredited

CDFA Accredited

Western Growers Logo

Western Growers Affiliate Member

Fresh Produce & Floral Council logo

Fresh Produce & Floral Council Member

Food Forward logo

Food Forward Donations Partner

Supporting food access and sustainability. QSI has donated over 1 million pounds of produce in recent years.

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